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Cannabis demands exceptional conditions to grow well. At Abundant Organics in Camp Verde, we believe in creating a perfect oasis for our plants. With more than four decades of combined growing experience, we’ve mastered the intricacies of cultivating a potent, powerful marijuana flower. Now, it is our pleasure to share the results with you! From hand-trimmed bud to carefully extracted rosin, we are taking THC products to a new level. Learn more about our grow on this page and on our blog. If you’d like to order our wholesale, organic cannabis products, contact us today! Our cannabis farm is one of the best in Arizona. We understand how complex growing high-quality cannabis can be, especially in our climate! We also understand the long relationships humans have had with this herbal medicine, going all the way back to Asia in 500 BC. The first people cultivating marijuana didn’t have access to things like chemical fertilizers or genetically modified plants. But they also didn’t have the science, technology, and generations of accumulated knowledge that growers have today. Here at Abundant Organics in Camp Verde, we believe in taking the best from both our ancestors and our contemporaries. For us that means using environmentally friendly, organic farming methods to grow and develop cutting-edge strains and concentrates. None of the flower grown on our property, or any of the rosin we create, has been exposed to chemicals or solvents. What we offer is 100-percent pure, organic cannabis, 100-percent of the time. The results speak for themselves through our accolades and mentions. Our organic marijuana products have placed anywhere from first to third in the Errl Cup — an Arizona-based cannabis competition. We have also been featured in both Dope Magazine and Cannapages, allowing us to share our mission and products to those who care about quality as much as we do. We love to share our flower and rosin with our customers across the entire state of Arizona! Our marijuana flower is grown — organically — with love. Order our wholesale cannabis products for your dispensary today!

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