About Advanced Vapor Devices

Most carts run too hot. Live resins, sauces and full-spectrum extracts, need consistent low heat to prevent burning and to bring out their exquisite terpenes.

AVD cartridges and batteries are engineered and designed to deliver incredible flavor. Just the way you intended.

Cheap knock-offs are expensive. So are products with poor manufacturing standards. Product recalls and failed tests make these a risky bet.

AVD cartridges are compliant with stringent US and Canadian testing regimes. We do not use additives. Oil touching parts are non-toxic. And heavy-metal testing is part of our internal quality control process.

Leaks and clogs are expensive, causing wasted oil and unhappy customers. It’s why we:

own and manage our factory

control our supply chain

use only the best raw materials

have a demanding quality control process

All to say, we guarantee you an almost zero product failure rate

Hours of Operation

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