About BAM Alaska

Established in October of 2017, BAM Alaska is quickly gaining a reputation as the premier cannabis cultivator in Alaska. With over 35 years of combined cultivation experience, owners Steve Voth and Mike Dillard take pride in the quality of their cannabis. We focus on boutique-style harvests, which enables them to spend the necessary amount of time on each batch to produce artisan quality cannabis. With “quality over quantity” at the forefront of our cultivation philosophy, we achieved 1st place in the 2017 Cannabis Classic for Best Hybrid with Key Lime Pie. BAM Alaska’s success is largely due to focusing on the health and happiness of each plant. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear the sounds of classical music emanating from the grow room. In order to complete the process, we place emphasis on importance of curing correctly. We take our time to cure our cannabis slowly to produce buds that look and smell amazing but also burn and smoke smoothly. All this attention to detail and careful processing consistently lead to some of the most beautiful and fragrant cannabis that can be found in the great State of Alaska. State of Alaska License # 4A-10303

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