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Bondi Farms is named after the famous Bondi Beach in Australia, reminding us of a place where relaxation and activity are part of daily life. Here at Bondi Farms we try to make every day like a day at the beach! Our 21,000 square foot warehouse is located in Longview, WA. Our growers have years of cannabis cultivating experience and we use state of the art equipment and procedures to produce the finest quality cannabis flower. All of our rooms operate on a closed loop system (the air is recycled through our HVAC system), which allows us to block outside air from coming in. This prevents molds, mildews, and other outside contaminants. By utilizing a closed loop system, we can critically control the temperature & humidity in each of our separate grow rooms. Conditions are constantly monitoring to make sure we provide a consistent and beneficial environment for our plants to thrive in!

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