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Justin was born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula. From true Pacific Northwest stock, his great-great grandfather was John Huelsdonk, known as The Iron Man of the Hoh. Justin is also a Native American, a member of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians. Bethany was born in Oklahoma to entrepreneurial parents who showed her the true ins and outs of business ownership. She started working full time for one of her parents companies at 15 and being a D.A.R.E. kid, she didn’t have any experience with the ‘devil’s lettuce’ until meeting Justin. Bethany and Justin both loved being in nature and learning about raptors and animal husbandry. They were introduced to falconry separately, across the country from one another, by reading the same book: ‘My Side of the Mountain’ by Jean Craighead George. Eventually, Bethany flew out to Whidbey Island in Washington state to meet a world-class falcon trainer there (who just so happened to be Justin’s mentor). Meanwhile, Justin was being told (by his mentor) that he just HAD to meet this ‘falconry girl from the south’. A mere six months later, Bethany and Justin Rondeaux were married. I guess you could say it was love at first flight…er, sight. The young couple moved to Oregon to attend college in 2009. It was in college that Bethany first began experiencing painful, debilitating cluster migraines. After a year of traditional treatments had not helped, Bethany found a treatment in cannabis that worked for her. It was then that Bethany and Justin started growing medical cannabis. During the process of growing and selecting strains to treat Bethany’s migraines, Justin discovered that he loved smoking cannabis – he enjoyed everything about it! Inspired by the results that Bethany had experienced with her cannabis treatments, and driven by a growing passion to help others experience relief from health problems, the Rondeauxs made it their mission to develop medicinal cannabis products and treatments for the people who needed them. The Rondeauxs spent years learning about growing organic cannabis, while making personal connections that would provide them with some of the top cannabis genetics in the world. After becoming comfortable with the full-time farming of top-end cannabis, in November of 2012 Bethany and Justin opened a 69.51A RCW compliant medical cannabis delivery service called Olympic Sinsemilla for patients living on the Olympic Peninsula. They became Master Falconers in the fall of 2012, as well, which allowed them to begin their dream of starting a raptor rehabilitation and breeding project in Port Angeles, WA. Knowing beforehand that their medical patients could not continue receiving their cannabis products after Washington state’s recreational cannabis laws took effect in 2015, Bethany and Justin acquired a I502 Producer/Processor license. Falcanna was founded in November of 2015 as the new brand for the same cannabis strains and products that they had supplied their patients with for years. Over the last four years, Falcanna has become a staple on retail shelves across Washington state. The amazing support received from customers and retailers alike has helped fulfill the long-held dream of rehabilitating and breeding falcons.

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