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Mark started growing over 20 years ago. It was hard to come across good cannabis back then, so he decided to try and grow his own. Growing cannabis among nature in the mountains, he knew quickly that this is what he wanted to do with his life. After two years of real struggles, he met someone who knew what they were doing and took him under their wing. Chris, who is still a partner of Mark’s today, brought him up to speed on how to grow.

In the beginning there were many challenges, including the law and helicopters who would come in and take the plants. Everything was an experiment back then — where to grow, how to grow, what to grow with. Mark tried many high-end chemical products, but quickly learned these methods weren’t right and didn’t produce good cannabis. There was no comparison to simple, natural grown cannabis, created with organic compost. Cannabis is meant to be grown in nature, where everything is organic and sun-grown.

We don’t believe in chemicals.

We work with nature, we don’t fight nature.

Legalization has brought in corporations and big money ventures. People are growing weed who have never even smoked it before. The priority of these people and companies are money and profit, not it’s true medicinal benefits for millions worldwide.

We’re not here for that. We will continue to fight for the growers and people who believe in and can benefit from the incredible medicinal value of this sacred, natural plant, grown the way it should be — all natural, organic, out in nature under the sun.

We put our heart and soul into these plants, and hope you love them too.

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