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Welcome to ReLeaf! You are here because you want to learn more about CBD and medicinal cannabis. We are here to teach you. All of our blogs are aiming to educate you on how CBD may be that special ingredient in life that so many of us have been waiting for. We will be discussing everything from the history of CBD to the current-day uses, the science behind it and the research surrounding it, we will even let you know about some of our favourite brands! We are not here to simply offer you regurgitated information from the internet. We are here to provide some informative, ‘all-in-one-place’, easy reading that might just change your perceptions of medicinal cannabis and CBD. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about CBD and the legal cannabis market in the UK as we will take you through it one step at a time. If you’re new to it all and don’t know what CBD is, go check out our Beginners Guide. Or perhaps you use CBD regularly and would like to see some brand recommendations, keep up to date with news stories and policy updates, or even just let us know about your experiences. ReLeaf aims to be the first port of call for all of your CBD questions. If reading isn’t for you, be sure to check out our podcasts coming soon. Be prepared to be opened up to a whole new world derived from a plant that was black listed during the 1920’s! In our podcasts we will be talking to people from all walks of life to discuss their experiences with CBD. From medical professionals studying it to business owners selling it, people who have had really positive experiences with it but also to those who are totally against it. We aim to provide you with complete, unbiased, real and trustworthy experiences so you are prepared to enter into the world of CBD. CBD is new to the UK and although roughly 10% of UK adults have tried CBD, a lot of people do not know what it is or what it does and are therefore scared to try it. So, sit down, relax and start reading (or listening). Be sure to let us know your thoughts, questions and opinions by emailing us or leaving a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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