About Tradecraft Farms

OUR STORY - Tradecraft Farms was founded over a decade ago in Southern California by a small, tight-knit group of family and friends, passionate about the craft and art of growing cannabis. Our family has grown to include retail stores and cultivation operations across the US, but our philosophy has remained the same - Grow great flower, treat others as family and friends.

THE CRAFT - For well over a decade, we’ve been growing premium cannabis — organic, hydroponic, and sustainably grown. Our master cultivators follow the life-cycle of each plant from seed to flower curating a rich palette of effects, colors and forms. 

PRODUCTS - All of our products originate from the finest organic Tradecraft Farms Flower, from our hand-rolled specialty pre-rolls to our hemp-wrapped blunts rolled with a vintage Dominican cigar machine. We strive to create an artisanal cannabis experience and better living for the mind, body and spirit. 

FRIENDS - Along our journey we have made friends who have influenced and inspired us – Like-minded people who strive for mastery of their craft. We want to inspire people to live their best lives, through a deeper connection to each other and ourselves.

STRAINS - We pride ourselves on having some of the best flower in the industry - rich in flavor, beautiful in form, and well-curated in their effects.  Try a Tradecraft Farms version of well-known strains like Biscotti, or try one of our proprietary strains and experience the difference.  

LOCATIONS - Come visit  us at one of our Tradecraft Farms retail locations. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you prefer smokable, drinkable, edible, or topical — for stimulation, relaxation, relief, or inspiration—we’ve got you covered. 





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