Adrienne Airhart




About Adrienne Airhart

It all started when I was arrested for cannabis in Florida back in 2011 outside of a comedy club. En route to grad school to receive a master’s degree in Computational Linguistics, my whole life was derailed by a cop training a rookie on how to bust young people for weed. That was the catalyst to my deferring acceptance to grad school, starting stand up comedy, and becoming my true self.

I was a serious dancer for most of my life — and I’ve got the injuries and the muscular structure to prove it. But It was never my passion; I was just good at it. I’ve taken a hiatus from stand up comedy here and there, but the underlying theme to my life is comedic. I write, I perform, I create, I act, I direct — all for laughs.

In my “professional” life I am in cannabis. A boss. Lotsa money, yada yada. It’s a passion to de-stigmatize it and help get people out of jail for the plant. I love it and plan to be in cannabis for life.

OnlyFans paid off my debt, and no, it’s not porn for me. It’s mostly a connection to me that no one else gets and a more intimate look at my magnificent natural features.

But stand up comedy is my home.