About the MJM

"A community that is engaged and working together can be a powerful force"

The MJM is the premier nationwide marketing and discovery platform for marijuana/ cannabis businesses and customers. Our focus is on relationships⎯with our providers and the customers seeking them. We strive to showcase and empower all businesses, both small and large, so they can continue to impact and educate their customers.

Through full-scale marketing technology, easy-to-understand analytics, fair and honest pricing, an in-depth look at provider features, and a knowledgeable and supportive staff, we aim to serve a diverse array of establishments and customers in a new way. Whether you are a dispensary, medical practitioner, coffee shop, or sports gym with a focus on marijuana and cannabis, we are creating a new vision of the way marijuana and cannabis are perceived by bringing awareness to the full spectrum of uses, strains, and brands available.

If you are a cannabis provider looking for a transparent, trusted relationship with an agency, we hope to be your partner.

If you are a customer looking for the best pricing, service, and variety in your area, we hope to become the resource you rely on most.

The MJM is 100% owned by the founders, and we want nothing more than to bring everyone⎯from novices to experts⎯together for change.